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Originally Posted by BobbyD View Post
That seems unbelievable to me that you've never even seen a gun. No disrespect, it's just something that I guess I took for granted here in the U.S.
I grew up with guns in the house. BB gun when I was 5. .410 shotgun when I was 8. .270 rifle I bought with my paper route money at age 13.
This was my son's third birthday present:

I taught him about holding it still, and about gentle trigger technique. By his fourth birthday, he could knock down small swingers at 10 yards almost 100% of the time. When we go to the range, people stop shooting to watch him knocking them down, and they always have huge grins on their faces. It makes me a proud dad.

He loves to shoot .22's, but doesn't like the bigger stuff. But my daughter, who isn't even three yet... she loves ANYTHING that makes a bang. I hold the AR15, and let her pull the trigger. She'll do a full mag-dump, and then ask to do it again.

And my wife... years ago, we won free entry to a submachinegun training course. Full-auto Uzis, and 5-gallon buckets full of ammo. By the end of the day, everyone on the range had nicknamed her "headshot".

But as for other people never seeing a gun... a lot of the world vilifies and demonizes guns. It's a tough thing for people to accept that there are heartless bastards out there who will murder and **** you without caring. They can't handle the helplessness of it, so in an attempt to have control over the situation, they blame the weapons, not the people. After all, if you can blame crime on guns, then if you ban guns, that will stop the crime, right? When they do that, and crime doesn't stop (or even go down), then they start banning more and more things. But because they would feel so helpless thinking that other people were the problem, they never say "Huh, I guess that banning guns doesn't work."

I once had the privilege of speaking with the man who was the deputy mayor of the Olympic Village during the Munich massacre. He told me that they had intentionally not put armed guards there, wanting to show the world that they were an enlightened society, and that they had no need of things like that. Then he told us about the tragedy, how it unfolded, and how he had to meet with and address the families of the victims.

Then he said something surprising - rather than taking the classic liberal approach of blaming the weapons, he said this: "What I learned was that no matter how enlightened we were, there would always be other people who were not."

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