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I don't think I did anything yesterday. It was a really unproductive day. My calfs were just really killing me (still pretty much are) from adding the jump rope to the daily routine and from going up in weight on all my leg lifts. So bleh. Just didn't feel it yesterday.

Today I spent about 40 minutes working technique, with about a 10 minute warm up. I didn't spend all of that time on the bag, though some of it was. I mainly just worked on footwork, head movement, guard, and the like. I also spent some of that time throwing kicks and just working my kinks out, which felt really good. Was landing side kicks (lead leg stationary and turning) and lead leg roundhouses at about 6', and rear leg roundhouses at probably 5'4" (jaw or so on a 6' person, I reckon). Really pleased to see that kind of height on my kicks, and that kind of flexibility. Worked on transitions into takedowns - using a jab to step in and duck under, to throw a couple rapid fire hooks to the body, followed by a feint elevation change of coming back up but instead then dropping low and snatching the legs up. Practiced this on my tire, working my way in with the punches then getting low to snatch it up, then rolling it over my shoulder in a half suplex.

I also lifted today. It was back and biceps (pull). Did deadlifts, seated dumbell curls, shrugs, one arm dumbbell rows, barbell curl, preacher curl. Weights and reps went up on everything about, with the exception of a couple. One arm dumbbell row's weight stayed the same, seeing as I can't fit any more weight on the bar, but it went up easier so I think I could feasibly stack on more in the future. Deadlifted weight I've done before, but did it in better form I'd say. Weight went up on all curls. Reps went up on shrugs. Seated dumbbell curls used towels on the handles to hit the grip harder again. Should've used the towels on the dumbbells for the rows too, but just didn't. My hands were getting chewed up by the handle and I didn't want to look/feel like a bitch and wrap on the towel.

For lifting today and Wednesday I didn't use gloves, only chalk. No belt, no straps, no gloves, no nothin', nothin' special. Just chalk and muscle.

Spent about ten minutes working on grip and to some degree, explosiveness. Did this after my shadow boxing but a few hours before lifting. Tossed bricks in the air and caught 'em. Pretty simple, but pretty effective. Now, at the end of the day, my hands are gnawed up and tired, but I feel like I could choke slam a moose.

I think, at some point, I very minorly pulled something on my left upper side. Possibly the high end of the lat, or something in the shoulder area connecting arm to body, or possibly just part of the tricep. All I know is that something isn't right over there, and it's not very pleasant. I don't think it'll take long to heal at all. I'm babysitting my nephew tomorrow, but I think if I get the chance, I might do some light shadowboxing or maybe even try the bag.

Has anyone seen "Any Given Sunday", or just heard or read Al Pacino's speech in it? Amazing.

I'm not a football fan, so the video means little to me. But Pacino delivers the speech so well, and the words impact me so. I can't help but be moved, as a fighter and as a person, by it.

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