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Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
i did promise to deliver, so a mortgage it is, we are going to have a party.

If i'd drive a car, i'd pretty much have to switch to that:

lol yeah basically... im currently drinking beers from a 60oz glass, on #3! weeee!

and kudos on the avy! ;-) /e looks at his sig

Originally Posted by Darkwraith View Post
If you are offering have no idea how much my family can drink...they BLEW UP a freaking cannon while drunk LOL you can all come if it was up to me though...
awwwww buzzkill..... well guess we need to just make a party at your place..... Rauno bringing the booze, ill bring my guns and as much ammo as i can get my hands on.... whats everyone else bringing? dont worry DW, we will give ya like a weeks notice of when we all comming over, make sure you have enough spare beds! and by that i mean one big bed for all the guys to cuddle in, swp can have her own room.

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R.I.P. Evan Tanner, you will be missed....

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