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Good call again, John, Straus by dec:

Round 1 - Straus holds the center early, and he misses on a high kick. He switches stances and ducks under a Darabedyan punch for a takedown. Darabedyan sprawls an controls the head. He tries to land a knee, then releases and backs awya. Darabedyan has a high kicked blocked. Straus flurries into a clinch, but Darabedyan circles off. Knees from both inside. Darabedyan's looks a little crisper, but as he backs away, Straus flurries and finishes with a high kick. Darabedyan kicks low. Straus with a reach advantage, and he lands a right hand that staggers Darabedyan. As Straus moves in to deliver more punishment, Darabedyan scrambles up. Nice toss sequence against the cage leaves Straus on top. Darabedyan rises to his feet and circles off without absorbing any damage. Darabedyan earns the trip and tries to take the back, but Straus is right back up. Darabedyan drops and attacks the leg. Straus works free, but Darabedyan is there to gain back control. Straus rolls, and Darabedyan finishes in side control. Nice back and forth action. Close round, and thinks Darabedyan may have stolen it at the end, 10-9. Legitimate case for a 10-10.

Round 2 - Darabedyan avoids a few early strikes and moves into clinch. He tries for a choke and lets it go when he sees an opening to strike. Darabedyan kicks to the body, but it's blocked. They're dancing on the outside. After a few boos, they engage in a flurry that Straus may have got the best of. Darabedyan slowing on his feet a bit. Low kicks traded. Straus lands a jab. Action slow, but they finally unleash a few haymakers. Darabedyan is moving in and out of range and dictating the action. Straus looks content to wait for openings that aren't coming. Straus does leap in with a straight, but he eats a counter. Straus kicks to the body. Traded shots again in the final seconds. The few toe-to-toe scrambles were fun, but much less action to score. sees it narrowly for Straus, 10-9, based on the clean shots that did land.

Round 3 - Straus misses an early attack, and the two clinch. To the floor, and Straus takes the top. He's immediately in mount. Darabedyan trying to scramble underneath, and he does regain half-guard. Struas only able to sneak in a few punches before being forced to worry about maintaining his top position. He spins looking for an advantage that isn't there. The two return curiously to the feet, almost in a gentleman's agreement. Darabedyan immediately capitalizes by sucking his opponent away from the cage and is now in half-mount. He throws a few short punches to the body and head. Straus bucks and sweeps out to the side. He tries to stay there, but Darabedyan rises. It's a clinch, and both guys look exhausted. Stalemate in the clinch, but it's Darabedyan on the outside. Referee calls for a restart. Tired punches on the restart. Straus does shoot in and get a takedown. Darabedyan works to his feet as he eats a few punches. These rounds have been tight throughout, and wild scores would not surprise. leans toward Straus very narrowly, 10-9 with the last takedown, and 29-28 overall. Daniel Straus def. Karen Darabedyan via unanimous decision (scores announced as 10-9, 10-9, 10-9).

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