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Rosa by decision:

Round 1 - Cole fires the first salvo, but his strikes miss. The pair collar tie and trade a few big shots to the chin, but Cole moves into the clinch. He lets go, and both fighters trade straights against the cage before moving back in tight. Cole peppers the gut inside. They separate and trade wild hook, but this time Rosa lands the best shot. Cole presses in again. It's a slow pace from the heavyweights. They punch and moves away. Rosa looks a little lighter on his feet, but neither too effective yet. Cole grabs the legs and earns the takedown. He stands up and falls back into guard. Rosa returns to his feet as well and just misses a big punch. Clinch again before backing away. It's a few tired, wild punches before returning to the clinch. It's a familiar and fairly unwelcome sight. They break, and Cole lands a few more shots before the bell. sees it for Cole, 10-9, but it's not exactly inspiring stuff.

Round 2 - Rosa with a double jab to open. He punches again, and Cole says it's an eyepoke. Ref says carry on, and Rosa does. He doesn't land much though before Cole clinches up and spins off the cage.They break and fire, though neither scores. Rosa lands a straight. He's starting to tighten his punches with success. Cole firing wild counters that miss. Rosa leads with a hook that scores. Cole looks for a takedown, but this time Rosa is there to shrug it off. Rosa catches a knee, but he cane capitalize. Cole clinches and pushes into the cage. Rosa has a Thai plum, but he lets it go in favor of an exchange. It's still very even in the exchanges. Cole is successful with hooks and uppercuts, and Rosa looks better with distance. Neither has much pace. Rosa with a beautiful toss to the floor, but Cole scrambles back up pretty quickly. Cole tries again for a takedown that doesn't come. Few punches inside at the bell. Still an, ahem, moderately paced fight, but sees the second for Rosa, 10-9.

Round 3 - Rosa kicks low, and Cole punches over the top. They reverse course with the next series. Rosa looks more lively, but he's not moving forward. Cole lands to the body, and Rosa misses the counter. Low kick for Rosa behind a straight that missed. Corner yelling for combos. Crowd yelling for anything. Cole lands a lead. He lands again to the body. Rosa sneaks in a crisp right. Rosa with a front kick. It's just one-strike stuff here, and both are marginally scoring. Rosa jabs and lands a low kick. Three-punch combo for Rosa. Cole throws two and scores to the gut. Cole presses in with a minute left. Rosa grabs underhooks and spins off the cage. Both fighters throw a few short, chopping punches and try to land what could be a pivotal takedown. Cole finally ducks underneath and gets it. He'll get only a few short shots off, but the round ends there. Might be enough, but sees it for Rosa, 10-9, and awards him the fight, 29-28. Aaron Rosa def. Devin Cole by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

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