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Happens again to Keith and Prangly with the first two rounds and two thirds of the judges wins:

Round 1 - Jardine moving around early, doing his thing. Prangley stalks. Jardine actually rushes into the clinch and presses Prangley against the cage. Knees inside, and Prangley circles off the cage. Stall in the clinch as they jockey for position. Knees inside. Scramble to the ground, and Prangley winds up in top position. Jardine actually latches onto and arm bar and Prangley looks stuck. Prangley spins well with the move and takes his arm to safety while setting up inside control. Jardine bleeding from just over his left eye. Prangley tries to transition, but Jardine regains guard. Prangley not finding much room to work. Jardine reaches down and grabs a leg, but Prangley pulls away and they reset on the feet. Prangley looks a little tired, and he eats a big right hand. He smiles. Jardine rushes in with a combo, but Prangley scores on his jerky foe. Round ends on the feet. sees it for Prangley, 10-9.

Round 2 - Early traded punches, and Jardine lands a low kick. Jardine leads with a left, but Prangley has his counterpunching on point. Slapping kick from Jardine. Jardine leading with his jab, but Prangley continues to answer. It's Jardine circling and initiating. Prangley flat-footed but landing. Slow pace draws the ire of the crowd. Exchange, and a big right uppercut drops Jardine. He pops back up, and they clinch after a quick series before Jardine pulls away. Prangley in the center. Jardine circling, and he pops the jab. Jardine rushes in, but Prangley pulls away and avoids any real damage. Jardine tries to take the back for a toss, but he settles for a left before moving away. Jardine lands a nice left at the bell, but the knockdown is too much to overcome. sees it for Prangley, 10-9.

Round 3 - Prangley still very flat-footed and looks winded, but he's doing what's needed. Jardine kicks to the body, but it's blocked. Jardine kicks low. Traded shots exchanged. Prangley misses on a 1-2. Jardine lands, but Prangley just stands there, amused. Jardine with a lead hook. Jardine moving in and out. He's avoiding damage this round, but he's not really landing. Quick clinch, but Jardine scampers away. Prangley not countering quite as much this round. Low kick from Prangley. Jardine lands a stiff right. Prangley doesn't budge. Takedown attempt fails. Jardine lands a few crisp combos. Prangley tiring even more, butt he's not going anywhere. Crowd on its feet. Prangley absorbing blows as Jardine unleashes. Prangley answers in spots, but only a few. He blocks a few knees. Exciting stuff to finish. sees it for Jardine, 10-9, but gives the fight to Prangley, 29-28. Trevor Prangley def. Keith Jardine via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

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