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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
$7200? o.O yea if they phone cant suck your **** you got ripped off.

im curious what kind of phone is that? like a top end satellite phone that works anywhere, gives blow jobs and is decorated in platinum and diamonds
i told you guys, i have a Vertu Ferrari edition. I cant seem to post pics but here is link. I bought it used from a friend who was in debt.

prices vary.

Ppl think Iphones are high end phones. Not rly. There are some phones that cost 300k, and for the super wealthy some that cost millions that are actually diamond incrusted.

As for the person saying Nokia "used" to make the best phones. Vertu is made by Nokia, they just dont give a crap about their cheap models anymore but Vertu is really popular in alot of circles.

Lastly, insult me for buying an overpriced phone?? Believe me, ive already insulted myself for buying it but at the time i was plush and young and felt like wtf, why not, all my friends are doing similarly.

Its still a really nice phone with alot of features, most of which i have no idea how to use.
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