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Originally Posted by KillerShark1985 View Post
lmas, Top 5 in the UFC HW division is a joke, without Cain and JDS that division is seriously nothing, SF HW division is way more stacked with top level fighters. both Cain and JDS would have struggle more rising to the top of the current SF division than they have done at the UFC.

That division is such a joke that only 3 years ago a LHW old man in his mid 40's was able to go up a weight and make the title his only 3 years ago, yea I know the UFC had to cover the reason he was able to do that up claiming he was a Phnom that defined the rules of nature or whatever, truth is the division really is that bad it was easy picking for any half decent fighter, Couture was never even the best LHW never mind HW in the world.

Its not exactly bursting with new talent since then Cain and JDS been the exception, Brock is nothing special ether, he is not exactly the all round well experienced MMA fighting machine that Fedor and Overeem are, there are so many holes in his stand up that you can't exactly call him a well rounded MMA fighter, never mind the best in the world.

If Brock had of been made to clim the ranks of the UFC before been given his shot then he would never of even made it, just so happens that the fights he was given good stylistic match ups to suit his ground style of fighting and was lucky that the Champ himself was a past his prime, half his size ground wrestler, Couture is even a more skilled wrestler than Brock, there was just too much against him in size and age for Brock not to win that fight.

Only real test Brock has had was Carwin, who dished him a 10-8 round before been exposed as a one dimensional Gassed out walking piece of slug.

Brock and his famous decision win over Heath Herring, what a joke, lets stick Herring in the cage with Fedor or Overeem, start the clock and see if he can make it out of the first round.
well im not saying that the UFC HW division would kick SFs divisions ass but if the UFC top 5 were put up against SFs top 5 i would bet on UFC, i do think their HW division is overrated but come on, SFs division is also overrated, i mean what so great about them?

you have a unproven champ in overeem, is he actually good? i dont know, put him up against at least an average fighter, the way he tooled rogers was impressive but at the end of the day it was ROGERS ''oh but he almost be fedor'' he didnt. ''oh but he beat arlosvki'' ok so now that makes him a legit top 10?

now onto the others, big really think he has the skills to beat cain, JDS, carwin or brock? or even mir? i sure as hell wouldnt put my money on it

werdum got humiliated by JDS already, beating fedor doesnt magically make him a threat to every UFC HW, he as a very impressive win and i dont consider it a ''lucky sub'' or a ''fluke''...there really arent such things as a lucky traingle/arm bar, im not saying he shouldnt be in the ufc, i dont think the UFC should have cut him but even if he was there i dont think he would be in the top 4

fedor...well there isnt much to say, i still think hes the best HW out there so that really elevates SF

i think its hard to make a case for either division really since cain, carwin and JDS havent been facing great fighters in the UFC either
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