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Okay its been a little while since I posted. But I really don't like to post if there's been no drastic changes to my workout, or any kind of revelation, and since this time both have happened I shall begin the tale...

I had suspended my lifting routines for the most part in that my bench was some ancient creature from the 70s that used to belong to my 40 something uncle from when he was a football player in high school. Suffice to say it had earned its nickname, "Rickety McRusterson." So A couple days back, I'd purchased a new one. Its an olympic bench with most of the bells and whistles (squat rack, shrug rack, don't behead yourself cuz you're ambitious rack). I also bought an olympic bar and 300lbs of weight. Suffice to say my new set up far exceeds its predecessor!

While my lifting was on hold, I'd been working my cardio and heavy bag work much more vigorously, also experimenting with BW workouts that I had gotten all weaksauce and lazy about. All the while I have been working out the kinks on a new workout regimin to take advantage of all my new snazzy gear and all the sh*t I already have!

The workouts breakdown like this:

Day 1:
Warm up: Shadowboxing
Part 1: Explosive Lifting
Cooldown: Shadowboxing

Day 2:
Warm up: Shadowboxing
Part 1: Endurance Lifting (Pull)
Part 2: 5/5 Heavy Bag/Grappling Bag
Cooldown: Shadowboxing

Day 3:
Warm up: Shadowboxing
Part 1: Powerlifting (Push)
Part 2; 5/5 Heavy Bag/Grappling Bag
Cooldown: Shadowboxing

Day 4:
Warm up: Shadowboxing
Part 1: BW Training
Part 2: 5/5 Heavy Bag/Grappling Bag
Cooldown: Shadowboxing

Day 5:
Warm up: Shadowboxing
Part 1: Powerlifting (Pull)
Part 2: 5/5 Heavy Bag/Grappling Bag
Cooldown: Shadowboxing

Day 6:
Warm up: Shadowboxing
Part 1: Endurance Lifting (Push)
Part 2: 5/5 Heavy Bag/Grappling Bag
Cooldown: Shadowboxing

That's essentially how it breaks down day to day. The first day of it was #5, with me sparring partner, I missed #6 due to drunkenness, so I started today with #1.

Explosive lifting was very interesting, I had to decrease the weight from what I would normally powerlift because at my powerlifting weight it was a mechanical motion, but was too heavy for me to snap in a fast motion. The execerises included in the explosive routine were as follows, if anybody in reading this in knowledge land can think of anything I missed let me know, I may have overlooked it for a reason, but I also may have forgotten like the punch-durnk ra-tard I can occasionally be!

For each workout I tried to perform the motion explosively and in most cases got that primo zero-g moment where the weight floats just above the palms:
1. Bench Press 4/8-10
2. Chest Press 4/8-10
3. Pushups 4/8-10
4. Medicine Ball Throws 4/8-10
5. Medicine Ball Jumps 4/8-10
6. Deadlifts 4/8-10
7. Box Jumps 4/8-10

I suspect there are a great many explosive workouts I haven't thought of...somebody out there, gimme a hand!

I haven't been sparring either this past week which is f*cking annoying! I want to put fist to face so goddamn much! However I will be sparring tomorrow(hopefully!), so unless I get tooled, I will be reaaaaaaally happy! I also was talking with my sparring partner about, and am going to be working on, my defense and counter to head/body kicks. While evading with footwork and defending is good, you're still losing on points unless you can counter immediately.

I've always found success using the "Sweep Block" ala Karate, Kung Fu, and pretty much any other traditional to block the body kick. Defending this way actually seems to put the opponent slightly off balance with roundhouses, and much more predominantly off balance with front kicks and side kicks. I just need to start ingraining a couple varieties of counters into the ol' nugget!

When it comes to my diet, I wasn't doing bad at all. I have been eating less and trying to eat healthier. Also, I've been taking Fish Oil and a Multivitamin, I think I want to add something for joint support as well. I said "wasn't" because yesterday, while drinking, I decided I wanted cookies(you fat f*cking piece of lardassed sh*t!). So I wandered up to Walgreens with my sparring partner and procured them. And ate a full sleeve!...I was sickened with myself.

On to psyche: I have been thinking more and more about March, much about how exciting it'll be, and how much of a nervous nelly I'll be! But mostly I've been contemplating how I'll take a loss. I want to win, and in the moment, I hope its my entire focus, but I am curious as to how I'll deal with losing. I'm not known for my levelheadedness, and I hope I don't pull a Tyson Griffin and huff and puff and pace in a circle like a b*tch! Or worse cry and drink like an emotionally unbalanced fellow! Here's hoping I find a way to drastically mature in 6 months, take the loss like a man, and start training my weaknesses immediately!

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