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Last class today

Long ass warm up, guard pass drills, technique was omoplata from half guard. Drilled guard passes, then rolled. I rolled two blue belts, one was back and forth the other I was with a smaller spazzy guy that tapped to weird things like his elbow twisting awkwardly or his neck.

Got to say goodbye to everyone. A little sad. Everyone wants to know when I'll be back, like it's easy to put together another 7 grand and leave my life behind. =) Got a few pictures, though many that I wanted pictures with weren't there.

Furthest left is the little guy that I boxed with often and he always goes all out with haymakers. Nice guy though. Then Raphael, a super talented brown belt and genuinely nice guy, I got alot of rounds with him. Then Gerbil, enough said. Me. The boss man Gordo, and furthest right is Ze, another brown belt and good roll for me.


Action shots

Flight is tomorrow. I've got one more thing for this blog to conclude this trip, I'll put it up shortly.
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