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Saturday I did back again. Deadlifts, One arm dumbell rows, bent over rows, and trap pulls. Weights were good, reps were decent. I tried using just chalk again, but two pull days in a row? I just couldn't, my hands were getting too shredded, so I had to toss on gloves. Did weight/rep combinations that I wasn't use to, so it was new and interesting, and good for the muscle confusion.

Sunday was the Sabbath.

Monday (9/13), in terms of strength training, it was legs day. Squats, reverse lunges, leg curls, leg extensions, standing calf raises. We also added decline sit ups on the basis that both my lifting partner and I were being lazy and not doing our ab routines on our own, like we said we would. Weight and rep combinations were new and interesting today as well. Switched to 3 sets @ 10 reps, with fairly solid weights that to be honest, I wasn't sure I could handle at those reps at this point. Weight went up 30lbs on the reverse lunges. The calf raises stayed the same as usual. I think the only way for me to jack on extra weight while doing the standing calf raises is if I start using the barbell.

Also on Monday I did a short little, intense, almost circuit like routine. I spent 8 minutes jumping rope, 8 minutes shadowboxing with resistance bands, and then probably about 15 minutes on the heavy bag. It's not much, I know. I feel really lame about how little time I spent on the bag, but I'm kind of happy to have spent that time jumping rope and shadowboxing (w/ resistance) straight and so intensely. Shoulders actually felt mildly fatigued at the end of the whole lot of it, which is, new. To be totally honest, it's been quite some time since my shoulders were actually really fatigued from cardio type martial arts stuff.

I've decided that for March, I'm fighting Heavyweight. I decided that I don't want to leave it in fate's hands and end up getting stuck at Heavyweight and unprepared (weight and strength wise). And although it's lame, I know I don't have the work ethic when it comes to cardio, not enough to be able to drop the weight while still tacking on this muscle. Even if I started a weight loss/muscle gain cycle, I just don't think I could pull through it.

And, you know, I'm not going to lie. Everybody wants to be a heavyweight. That's where the big boys play. There's just respect that comes with being a heavyweight, be it respect in the gym, in the dojo, in the bar, or in the ring. Cause even if a smaller guy is somewhat more technically inclined than you, you've still got the weight and strength to best him. Martial arts aren't about muscling through your opponents, but any sensei or sifu who says that weight and strength is irrelevant is a damned foolish liar.

Point being, is that I'm 6'3" about with a big, thick frame. I'm big enough to be at least a medium to small heavyweight. I just need to do the hard bulking and jack up my strength to heavyweight standards. I've got five months to do it.

Dietarily I've been doing good, keeping it kind of lean. Henceforth, I'm going to be even better. I'm going to really start to eat as healthily as I can, with lots of lean meats and tons of veggies and such.

I'm looking at taking one protein shake after my strength training sessions. Looking at 2% milk, water, two scoops of whey protein, and one scoop creatine. I'm not sure yet of exact measurements, it'll take some playing with. I'm also not sure what flavors to get, that would go well together. I'd like to add live banana to the shake, so maybe some kind of fruity medley or something. As I go I may consider doing a shake before as well, or perhaps at night before bed or something. But as it stands now, it's just the one shake after the weights, and the rest of my protein will need to come from food.

I've also started taking a joint maintenance supplement. It, is freaking foul. Shit you not, "Ingredients: Soy, Shrimp, Chocolate Flavoring". Blaaaaah, nasty. I'm also taking my trusty Flintstones Chewable vitamin daily.

I talked earlier (a couple posts up, I think) about taking my strength training to the next level, and doing five sessions a week. I still want to add on more strength training sessions using things like sandbags, tires, atlas stones, logs, bricks, etc etc whatever, real strongman type shit, since all I do right now is free weights (<3 btw). But I come back to the concern of overtraining. But then, I've heard and read from bodybuilders that lifting five days a week is almost mandatory. And don't high profile professional fighters strength train like fiends? Doing more research on this dilema as we speak, but input is very appreciated.

I'll try to get in a run tomorrow morning or evening. Needs more stamina. Should also be doing the usual bagwork, and also getting in padwork and possibly sparring. I'd like to also get in the jump roping and the resistance band stuff again, but we'll see.

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