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Originally Posted by BearInTheClinch View Post
it depends more on the teachers then what is being taught
really good instruction in boxing is better then shoddy instruction in M.Thai or viceversa. but as far as price goes 135 a month for an actual MMA program is pretty fair, most good places for just BJJ are at 100 a month
how many classes can you get to in a month, and is there any MMA going on, grappling with strikes? I am not familear with ATT's level 1 program.
ok its mondays and saturdays bjj for 2 hours..tuesday and thursday mma class (here the instructor gives 1 hour striking techniques like muay thai, kickboxing everything mixed, 1 hour ground and takedowns techniques, and 30 minutes of warmup cardio jumprope running, walking on all 4's hahaha , wednesday 2 hours of boxing, monday and wednesday taekwondo right after bjj on mondays and after boxing on wednesday and saturday before bbj u get a fitnees yoga which they say is for gaining flexibility...i think its a good program but just my luck i sprained my ankle skimboarding and now i cant go until its all better ive been giving it massages and cream and motrin but it sucks i want to go so bad but i cant ...
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