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***MMAF All Access Interview*** --Week 3-- Rauno


What’s up MMAF? I am here with week 2 of MMAF All Access. This week we have a very special member with us. He has been a great contributor to this forum since he got here and is a recent recipient of the MMAF Member of the Week award.

-Week 1-(Rauno Interviewed by HitOrGetHit)

“True Story”

What made you become a fan of MMA?

Well, i was a die hard pro wrestling fan until Bobby Lashley left the WWE to pursue his MMA career. That reminded me that Brock was fighting too i looked his MMA career up and i’ve been hooked ever since.

Who is your favorite fighter or fighters in MMA and why?

Brock Lesnar. I belive his a once in a lifetime athlete. Who knows what would have happened if he’d started his MMA career earlier. The man want’s to be the best at what he does and he trains hard until he accomlpishes it.

Who do you have winning out of Lesnar/Velasquez?

I see Lesnar improving his-stand up to survive against Cain, eventually getting the takedown and finishing it on the ground. Like i said, he wants to be the best and i think his going to really concentrate on his stand-up. After all, he called Pat Barry to train with him.

Is there any fighter that you dislike?

I respect all the fighters since it’s a grueling sport, but i do dislike Matt Hughes and Tito Ortiz. Who doesn’t dislike them.

What about outside of MMA? (Boxer, K-1, etc.)

I like boxing and K-1. Don’t know that much about boxing, but i want to see Wladimir KO David Haye. My favorite K-1 fighter is Alistair Overeem. Can’t wait to see him fight on October 2nd.

Do you like watching Overeem more in K-1 or in MMA?

I like to see him competing in both, like hei s doing right now. But if he’d have to leave K-1 in order to go to UFC, i wouldn’t mind.

Which style of Martial Arts do you like to see the most?

You know, i’ve thought about it a lot. I like to watch everything, from an amazing stand-up war to some technical BJJ. That’s why i love MMA, it has everything.

What was the first MMA fight that you saw? If you can remember.

The first fight i saw was Brock Lesnar vs Min Soo Kim. Not the most technical fight, but i loved it.

How about a favorite Kun Fu Movie?

That wacky comedy movie where this guy thought with a cow at some point. I think it was called Kung Fu Hustle.

I thought that was Kung Pow or something?

Oh yeah, your right. I enjoyed them both.

Now tell me what your favorite fight or fights are.

Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonnar is my #1. These guy’s gave their all and showed some true heart, not to mention, this fight helped MMA in general so much. Lyoto Machida vs Machida Rua 1 was a masterpiece.

Who do you think won the first fight with Machida/Shogun?

Like many others, i think Shogun won that fight, but a decision was a decision. I like them both.

If you could have one dream fight to see in MMA, who would be in it? Where would it be? What ref would be in the cage?

Georges St. Pierre vs Anderson Silva. It would take place in Japan and reffed by the man himself, Herb Dean. The good thing is, we might have a chance to see these guy’s against each other.

What is your favorite woman’s MMA fight?

I don’t really watch women’s MMA but i guess Carano vs Cyborg was pretty huge? Cyborg is miles ahead of other female fighters.

Speaking of women, if you had to choose between Gina Carano and Arianny Celeste, who would it be?

Ouch, no man should never be asked this question. If i HAD to choose, i’d go with Arianny. Do i need to explain lol?

What is your favorite MMA organization?

UFC. No other organization can come even close.

How about your favorite weight class to watch?

The lightheavyweight division. It’s by far the most exciting and talented division at the moment.

Your thoughts on Jon Jones?

For somebody of his age his spectacular. The athleticism his bringing in to the table is unbelievable. I don’t see him getting derailed and his going to become a good champion one day. His only 23 after all.

What is more impressive, a first round (T)KO, a first round submission, or a 5 round dominating decision?

It depends on the fight. A KO might come out of nowhere, even if you just took a beating, same goes with the 1st round submission. For example, Lesnar dominated Mir in their first fight but got caught and lost. A 5 round domination shows that you are clearly above your opponent.

Ok Rauno, what is your name?

My name is Rauno.

How did you stumble across this wonderful place that if MMAForum?

I was a member of another forum and there was a link to this forum. Lurked around a little bt and liked what i saw.

What is your favorite part about this forum?

Definitely the mma forum lounge and recently, the VIP lounge.

So you like your decision to go gold?

Actually, i had nothing to do with it. Hkado was the great member who decided to get me in gold, and i am so grateful to her. The funny thing is, before i won the MOTW, i thought i wasn’t very well known in this forum, and now i’m in here.

What do you do for a living?

I graduated high school and took a year off before going to college. Right now i’m looking for a job.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

By that time, i hope i’ve graduated college. I really haven’t thought about it that much.

If you had just 24 hours to live, how would you occupy your time?

First all, i’d like to see all of my loved ones. After that i’d probably go on a rampage, doing what i want, where ever i want. You know.

If you could have one car no matter what the cost, what would it be?

I have always loved German cars. Audi R8 is the most beautiful car i have ever seen.

Well that wraps up this weeks interview! Make sure to send Rauno some +rep for taking the time to do this with us. Keep an eye on your inboxes for you could be chosen for next week's MMAF All Access. Thanks for reading everyone!

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