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The Reem Speaks

Rather unusually, the most talked about participant in this year’s “FieLDS K-1 World Grand Prix in Korea -Final 16-“ is best known for his MMA fights. Well, those fights, and his animation like physic.
Alistair Overeem has been making waves and causing controversy worldwide over the past year, and thankfully he has decided to step in and defend his Best 8 position. We recently had the opportunity to ask him a few questions, and this is what he had to say:
-- Now that you've been confirmed as one of the participants of the K-1 WORLD GP 2010 FINAL16, how do you feel? Also, how is your condition these days?
Alistair Overeem: I feel great, my condition is improving each year and I really trained hard for this GP. This year I want that belt.

-- In as much detail as you're comfortable with, please share with us what specific things you'll be working on in your training leading up to the fight in Korea in October
Alistair Overeem: We have a system at Golden Glory and it works, so nothing special. Just training with my trainers and sparring with all the Golden Glory fighters.

-- In last years' K-1 World GP you were defeated by Badr Hari in the semi-finals. In retrospect, what do you think about that bout?
Alistair Overeem: I think it was stopped too early. Yes, I was knocked down, and yes, the second time I was wobbling. But I did not fall down as I was backed up in the corner. Badr always gives a lot in the first round (look what happened in his fight with Hesdy). I think there was such a short amount of time remaining until the end of the first round…if there would have been a second round I would have beaten him again. But that is all speculation. I want to win this years K-1 GP belt, so I will fight everybody to reach that goal. Badr was the better one that evening, now it’s my turn.

-- Being frank, what are your goals for this years' K-1 World GP?
Alistair Overeem: To become the champion of course. And, to get the DREAM Heavyweight belt. Next year I will fight a few times in Strikeforce again, Werdum, who beat Fedor, was injured and Fedor only wanted to fight Werdum, so those match ups are something for next year in MMA in the States.

-- What is your impression of your opponent, Ben Edwards?
Alistair Overeem: He is strong, comes to fight and goes forward. I like fighters who come to fight, so there will be an early KO.

-- The fact Ben took just 206 seconds to stop all three of his opponents in the Oceania GP has been quite a topic of discussion. Do you have any comments about it?
Alistair Overeem: Well, good job! I do not know much about the opponents he beat, but “Alistair Overeem” is made from a different kind of wood.

-- Please give us a comment for your opponent.
Alistair Overeem: Ben Edwards, you won 3 fights in 206 seconds. I will KO you within that period. I will KO you in the first round, so you can see and feel the level of a Golden Glory fighter and the power of The Reem.

-- Finally, please send a message to your fans.
Alistair Overeem: I love my fans in Japan. I’m different to Fedor; I did not leave to only fight in the USA. I have Japan as my favorite place. I may make less money at this moment in Japan than in America as the MMA scene is booming there, but I love the fighting spirit from the country and the long history of martial arts in Japan. Japanese fans are the best. I will always keep fighting in Japan.

He is strong, comes to fight and goes forward. I like fighters who come to fight, so there will be an early KO.
This was pretty much my favorite part.

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