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Mixed Martial Arts Unification:Is It Possible?

I started with the basic question:
Right now, how many different mma organizations are there out sponsoring various competitive events?
Start there and work down.
So my question is:
Do you think that mixed martial arts unification is possible?
Do you think that will ever happen?
Do you think that is even desirable?
Like, at one time, in boxing, by way of analogy, weren't there like three different guys who were like heavyweight champion of the world, depending upon the organization? Here, in the New York/ New Jersey area where I live,the sportswriter Jerry Izenberg wrote in his column once a remark that called somebody the "heavyweight champion of Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, Maine, and half of West Virginia" or something like that.
Isn't that really like the situation,kind of, with mixed martial arts today? LIke how many different champions are there,depending upon the organization?
Would the heavyweight or light heavyweight or other division titles be more meaningful under unification?
How say you?
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