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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
He can't strike like MMA fighters and he would be clueless as to how to grapple.
He may not be a good striker, but he has a very good chin. Look at how many shots he takes and he doesn't get KO'd.
Plus, he knows how to grapple. That STFU is a sick submission. He could teach Demian Maia how to do that.
Imagine, how cool would this sound: Maia vs ....
Joe: "Ohhh no Mike...he's got the leg...i think he's going for it..."
Mike: "Yes Joe, he's got it. And it isssss aaaaaaalll over. Demian maia wins with a beautiful STFU"
Joe: WOOOOOOOOOOOW. How sick was that...Thank you John Ceeeena...."

I LOL'd a lot!



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