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Originally Posted by limba View Post
Excuse me for a sec, but i still don't get it.
I mean, it's like this:
-Toxic is one of the most knowledgeable members, a powerful user, he's a member for over 3 years i believe, has almost 14.000 posts to his credit. Solid posts. And i've read he has something like 27 milion rep points.
All in all, Toxic is at the top of the food chain. And he is Untouchable.

KillerShark on the other hand, is a member for less than a year (since january i believe) and has 900 posts to his credit. And half of those posts are about how great Strikeforce is. A much better organisation than the UFC....bla bla bla.
And the other half is about trashtalking GSP and getting into "conflicts" with GSP's fans.
It's hard for me to believe he gets a lot of reps for that, ......worth almost 7 milion rep points!!!?!?
And his status is "god among men", one bellow Toxic?!!!!!
The same as swpthleg, who has 15 times more posts!!!...and higher than hexrei or so on...

I know the rep system isn't perfect, but in this case i don't get it. Doesn't feel right.
For a start, I dont really claim SF is better than the UFC, I only prefer the SF HW division to the UFC HW division, just so happens that my fav 3 division in the world of MMA in order are


But I will speak up against the UFC fans who want SF to fail as an organisation and claim that they dont knwo how to put on a good show, for one I can't see how any MMA fan would want that to happen and secondly its just complete BullSh1t, it almost seem to me that every time SF puts on an even a load of UFC fans just go to all lengths including straight up lies to try and discredit the event, even when the events has been a huge success and given us all a great show.

On the other point about picking fights with GSP fans, what can I say maybe some people out there just feel that every GSP fan deserves a good beating.

and I do get a lot of feed back both positive and negative from a lot of different people and its more good than bad, I don't know if you know but you can only view your last 100 feed backs, in the last 7 days alone I have 24 feed backs, of which strange but true exactly 12 are good and 12 are bad, and where as the 12 good reps I received are split amongst many different posts in different subjects, all 12 bad reps are centred to 1 specific post I made about GSP in one single subject.

Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
It's really kinda messed up right now limba, I know. Most of the premiums on here are complaining about the systeme as well these days and how fast members like KillerShark got to a level they are at now. It's important to keep it at balance, at least a little. You should be around 1.500.000-2.000.000 rep points as well right now, with your post count and quality posts. It was one rep from Rival and a couple from Toxic not to long ago who gave me around 2 million just like that. Rival needs to rep ya ones and you are on the level you should be!
For the record I have NEVER been given rep by Toxic, which is hardly a surprise since I think judging from most of his posts we have very different views about our opinions of most fighters and most aspects of the entire sport.

Have to admit tho, Rival has given me rep before twice which has a massive impact and M-D has also given me rep before once which I think was a large stop also, but Rival has massive rep power.

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