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Tuesday; Did a head movement drill with a friend. Head movement drill was just him throwing jab after jab after jab, and just me bobbing and slipping them. As I/we continue to do this drill, I'll have him start throwing combinations, and eventually kicks. For Tuesday though, for the first time really doing this drill, I asked for only jabs. I did well, I think. I avoided most, and the ones I did take I mainly on took on the forehead. Of course, when I have more concerns than just evasion (such as, you know, hitting back) I'll probably take more shots. At which point it's just a case of damage management I think - deciding which shots to avoid out of necessity and which to trade blow for blow for. Like I said, I felt good doing it on Tuesday. There was a couple times where it wasn't even close, where I was long gone by the time his fist got there. Once he even paused and kind of chuckled and said, "Oh, that was a good one." Other than that drill I just practiced my kicks, pretty much.

On Tuesday I also went and bought my supplements. I wanted to get Creatine and Whey Protein both by Six Star. I ended up getting Whey Protein by GNC Pro Performance, and a mass builder called 'Up Your Mass', rather fitting a name.

Started my supplements yesterday. The mass builder is somewhat fatty, so I took it in the morning as a meal replacement for first breakfast. Took the Whey Protein directly after lifting. And about an hour after the protein shake I had a small bowl of tuna, meeting my protein reqs for the day. Really wasn't sore at all today. Still trying to decide the best way to take the supplements, but I'm reading some conflicting opinions and reviews, so eh. I'll just have to see how things progress with it.

Lifted last night. Chest and triceps, push. Flat bench, incline dumbbell bench, dumbbell bench flys, military press, overhead extensions, skull crushers. Did somewhat high weight (for me) on my flat bench, but failed to get through the last rep on each set. Incline dumbbell bench was awesome, I should've jacked up the weight a lot higher but was nervous since I hadn't done them before - did 40lbs per dumbbell, sets of 10/8/6. I should've went up in weight on the military press, so I'll def' jack up the weight next time. Overhead extensions, I literally can't go any higher on the weight until I get a couple more 10 pounders off my bro. Did 3 sets of 10 reps at 40lbs/50lbs/60lbs. Did skullcrushers, 3 sets, reps were 10/8/8, weights were 20lbs/30lbs/40lbs - should've gone up on weights. My lifting partners did decline bench, but I just didn't feel comfortable doing it because of our setup. I really felt a difference in strength/energy last night - not sure if it was just a good day for lifting or if it really was the mass builder helping me out. Time will tell.

Today's diet was considerably worse, but I really didn't have the food in the house to make today good. Had some hot dogs (blah), chicken wings, and a couple pb&j sammiches. Had a smallish amount of ice cream. Also drank soda today instead of tea, but it is what it is. All in all, probably got about 50-75% of my protein intake for the day, not all of which was lean protein at that, and got way too many unhealthy sugars and fats. It'll be better tomorrow and for at least the next few week or so, as I was able to stock my fridge with some chicken breast not too long ago. Got two boxes of rice and a big ol' bucket of spinach. I drank an ok amount of water today, but I'll be sure to keep myself better hydrated tomorrow. All the protein shakes in the world will be worthless unless I keep myself healthy and hydrated.

Didn't do jack squat today either. Tried to hit the bag a little bit, spent maybe 20 minutes at it. But my bag's outside, and it rained most the morning and through late last night, so I was sliding around in the mud. If I was still really concerned with self defense and "be prepared for all conditions" like I used to be, I would've loved the difficulty. But I was just getting frustrated today, seeing as I couldn't practice my big ol', sport headkick KO shots without almost having my feet go out from under me. Practiced some multi-punch combinations and some single uppercuts to the body, felt good man, even without being really able to root.

Looking at going up to lifting six days a week, hitting each major group twice a week, leaving my Sundays for rest. I'll start this routine with next week, and I'll see how I feel at the end of that week. If I'm really sore all over and dead tired, then I'll do a every other week split. One week I'll have my regular three lift days, the next week I'll do six lift days, the next week I'll go back to three, etc etc. I'll see how it all goes. I need to jack on as much muscle as I can before March, so I'm willing to try any (legal) routine to do that.

I think my six day weeks will look like this:
Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Back/Biceps (Pull)
Wednesday: Chest/Triceps (Push)
Thursday: Legs
Friday: Back/Biceps (Pull)
Saturday: Chest/Triceps (Push)
Sunday: Rest

That should give about 72 hours of rest between each muscle group's workout. Now that I think about it, that's a pretty solid amount of rest time. Especially with the supplements I'm on. A six day a week lifting schedule is seeming more and more plausible. Seems like all the big dudes lift at least five or six to seven days a week, anyway.

Lifting six days a week, and taking supplements each of those days, is going to be rough. At that rate, my supp's will only last about two weeks, rather than a month or so. Birthday's in Octubre, so that will help my tiny budget fund the continuation of supplementation, so to speak. Other than that, I'll just have to try to pick up more work where I can, I s'pose.

Considering picking back up with my two classes a week of traditional gung fu. It was a good workout muscularly and in terms of cardio. Had good information and let me get fresh perspectives and ideas. I'm constantly seeing and realizing the differences in skill between myself (as someone who has taken formal classes) and someone who is entirely (or almost entirely) self taught, especially with seeing all of the dewdz on youtube being all, "BACKYARD MMA", and then the comments section is them talking about their professional MMA record garnered through their friend's backyard MMA circuit filled with high schoolers with no training at all. It just makes me glad I've learned all I learned in class, and it makes me want to go back and try to learn even more.

You know you guys are allowed to comment and criticize, yeah? I'm curious if anybody has any advice or tips on combinations or techniques I listed in previous posts, or advice about lifting/strength training, or, well, anything at all.

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