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Originally Posted by ahartleyvu View Post
Some thoughts...

1) Use skim milk for your protein shake. You won't even taste a difference. I use vanilla w/ a banana if I have one,

2) Never drink soda or tea. Cut out unnecessary calories. Adapt to diet soda if needed.

3) Never eat hot dogs. They are crammed full of fat.

4) I kinda skimmed, so I may have missed this but are you running at all? Run, run, run. I know running sucks, but once you are used to it, it's not so bad. I think you are wanting to bulk up a bit, but I think it is smarter to lean yourself out and then bulk up. Eat a lot of chicken, tuna, and vegetables, and RUN your butt off... It helped me to set a goal for miles per week and increase them each week. Don't let yourself puss out of it either, it won't hurt to run when you're sore (sometimes even helps it out a bit).

I'm not saying to abandon your lifting, but I'd just lift heavy once or twice a week. Run 5-6 times a week, push yourself harder each day. Work on your core a lot. I think you'll find that you'll be leaner... maybe you won't have added some huge bulk to your frame but you will be a lot stronger (with some good endurance as well). Then once you are satisified at cutting your walking around weight, you can bulk up to the heavyweight class. You will be in great shape and I think you'll find it easier to add muscle to your frame.
Couple things that I kind of disagreed with. Hope maybe you could help me, or I could help you whichever it ends up being!

Tea (unsweetened, made from teabags) has no more calories in it than a glass of water. The tea gets it flavoring and color from a nautral oil in the tea leaves.

See, I've read, and been told multiple times from various sources that while there are fats in hot dogs, they're unsaturated fats that burn much quicker than say, the fats in a cheeseburger from BK, or anything else really that's not cooked at home. The point being that he said he had few options to eat, and if eating a hot dog is an option, its well worth the 100-150 or so useable calories.

Dude's competing in March. He's got five months to get to outmuscles-outmaneauvers legimate heavyweights' strength. Lifting as much as physically possible (depending on recovery times) is an absolute must. Being lean doesn't make you better, just makes you weigh less(IMO).

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