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First off, thanks for the interest and advice. It's seriously appreciated. It's cool to be able to document and reflect on my progress here, but discussing or seeing interest in what I'm doing just gets my blood flowin' more.

I drink diet green tea when I drink tea. Other than that, it's pretty much just water with the exception of the (not so) occasional lapse into soda drinking. Yeah, I def' need to stop drinkin' even as much soda as I do now, but I've had an easier time kickin' other substances than I've had tryin' to lay off the soda. Dunno why, maybe just a fat kid at heart.

I would like to be lean, and so I've actually been watching what I eat almost even closer than I did when I was trying to lose weight. You're right that I haven't been running, and I always mean to. Maybe with people yelling at me in my training log, I'll have some extra motivation.

So, I'm going to do my six day lifting routine like I mentioned, and pick up on the running and watch what I eat. If I get lean, it'll happen, and that's cool. But I don't really mind having a bit of extra flub on me for March. That's because it's a Sanda tournament, which allows takedowns/throws. Having that little bit of extra weight might make me a bit slower or less mobile, but it's a little extra weight that the other guy has to work with. And in an offensive context, it's a little more weight behind my hits (albeit, weight from chub instead of muscle) and it's more weight ol' boy will have to stop from barrelling into him when I shoot on a homie or sweep.

I definitely see what you're saying about being lean at a lower weight class, but I think even just naturally, I'm meant to be a heavyweight. I've just got the frame and (not to toot my own horn) the natural muscle structure of a big dude. And yeah, to be honest, it is partly a psychological thing like I said in another post. I just want to be a full fledged heavyweight. I'll keep what you've said in mind though - if I don't see enough significant process in the next couple months, I'll stop bulking and start working on dropping weight, before it's too late.

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