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Double posting since it's my log, and I didn't want to get my response intermingled with an update.

Did a grip workout earlier in the day. Just an amalgamation of homemade stuff that I find works my grip in a way I like. Tossing and catching bricks. Doing reverse curl into military press (don't know what the full motion is called) with light-ish logs. Slammed my tire, as well as did some over-the-head tosses with it going back and forth between overhand and underhand grips. Held a log on end, in one hand at a time. Hard to describe the stuff, I just know it works.

Hit the bag, I'd guess half hour. Nothing special. Practiced hooks, some combinations, low side kicks to the leg.

Lifted. Back and biceps, pull. Did deadlifts, one arm dumbbell rows, seated incline dumbbell curls, preacher curls, barbell curls, and shoulder shrugs. Kind of comedically proud moment when I realized that the weights I warmed up with for deadlifts were weights that I was previously doing as lift weights. Everything was in three sets. Deadlifts I did 300lbs, reps were 4/4/1. Probably could have muscled out at least to 3 reps on the last set, but I had a whole routine left to do and didn't want to risk a back injury either way. Three months ago 300lbs was my 1 rep max that I barely got up, so I can't complain. Shrugs were 205lbs, reps were 6/6/6. The rows were 60lbs (max I can jack on the dumbbell atm), reps were 10,10/ 10,10/10,10 - and I wrapped the handle with two hand towels to hit the grip and forearm harder. Curls aren't worth mentioning, I only do them for muscular balance and for the ridiculously situational necessity of bicep strength. Only tools I used with the free weights was straps and chalk.

Took my mass builder this morning. Took my protein after free weights. Stayed well hydrated. Had little soda. Ate chicken and tuna.

That about covers it, I think.

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