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Didn't we just have a thread on repping? :P

But, rep is not that important, I just see it as a fun little addition to an already great forum... What I enjoy is not the points themselves but reading peoples privat, candid feedback to some of my posts...

Though some extra rep would never hurt

BTW, let's see if we collectively can fill in the gaps:

My thoughts
User Troll
User rubs people the wrong way
User Smells Like Tuna
User May Pass Gas
User Is A Black Sheep
User Is In Need Of Some Guidance
User Needs A Hug
User can only hope to improve
User has a little shameless behaviour in the past
User is an unknown quantity at this point
User is on a distinguished road - 0
User will become famous soon enough - 5.000
User has a spectacular aura about - 10.000
User is a jewel in the rough - 20.000
User is just really nice - 30.000
User is a glorious beacon of light - 40.000
User is a name known to all - 50.000
User is a splendid one to behold - 60.000
User has much to be proud of - 70.000
User has a brilliant future - 80.000
User Is Running Through The Rankings - 90.000
User is on another level now - 100.000
User Is True Champion Of Knowledge - 150.000 (Where I currently reside)
User Is Respected By All He Crosses
User Is Destined For Greatness
User Is A Baller
User Is A Pound 4 Pound Great
User Is Beloved By All
User Is World Renown
User Is Beyond A Rankings System
User Is Future HOF Material
User Is A God Among Men
User Is Untouchable
User has reached prominence
User Lord of The Forum
If we're not allowed to do this please MOD it away

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