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I think you could always "lean" yourself down in the future. I'd still recommend trying it. Just because you have a large frame doesn't mean you can't drop a weight class. Ever see fights where guys are the same weight, but one is obviously bigger? Hey, that could be you. It could really give you an advantage.

Keep up the good work outs. And stop drinking soda. One way I stopped drinking soda (I call it pop but I'm in hillbilly-ville) and junk food is to stop looking at snacks or meals as a pleasure. All you are doing is refueling. Your body is a well oiled fighting machine and it doesn't need or want soda.

I'm just giving you a hard way to go cause it's a struggle I went through in the past. My max weight was 205 at one point (only 5'7"). I had been about 170 or so most of my life, but went through a hard time in life and it actually snuck up on me. I'm at 155 right now. It's only been about a year or so too.

Anyways, enough of my ranting. Hopefully my posts are helping motivate you some.
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