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Okay so it hasn't been a full week, which is the interval I prefer to use when posting but there have been significant devekopments so I'll break the cycle.

Firstly, I'll explain what workouts I've done. In the previous post I vaguely explained what each day's work was, now that I've done it, I'll explain it in detail:

Endurance Lifting (Pull)
1. Deadlifts 5/12-15
2. Bent Over Rows 5/12-15
3. Good Mornings 5/12-15
4. Trap Pulls 5/12-15

Powerlifting (Push)
1. Flat Bench Press 3/4-6
2. Decline Bench Press 3/4-6
3. Military Press 3/4-6

BW Training: Circuit Style
1. Pushups 4/to fail
2. Situps 4/50
3. Lower Back Extentions 4/30
4. Pullups 4/to fail
5. Squat Thrusts 4/40
6. Wall Stands 4/60 sec
7. Wall Sits 4/90 sec

These are all supplemented by 5/5 bag work and shadowboxing, as well as sparring and partner work when I get the opportunity (every couple days).

As with before if anyone can think of any workouts I have missed at all, let me know. I may just be a forgetful bastard!

On the count of sparring and partner work. I was working a new Judo failed triangle-sweep to armbar. Its a really nice sweep that can kinda work. We did it a couple times, however on the last attempt I failed to complete the sweep portion, and instead of stopping there, I rolled my leg over and completed the armbar with my head and one shoulder on the ground. The rest of me was in the air, and I let my weight fall forward. In competition it would have won me the fight, however in training, I almost broke my sparring partner's arm. I can blame it on being tired, and losing my fine motor control, or on not properly balancing my weight while I was in the air, but either way I still ****ed up and almost really hurt my friend(which sucks a bit!).

Since that situation he has (ironically) demanded that all groundwork become full contact groundfights, not just submission grappling. Its ironic because I've been trying to get him to do this (jokingly albeit) for months. I didn't know all I had to do was scare the living shit out of him to get him to do it!

As for my diet. It has been a kind of crappy the past few days. I had McD's for dinner last night (weap for my pitifulness). The day before that, I had an omlette for breakfast(three eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, 1 slice of cheese). Suffice to say I haven't been eating very healthily at all. I have a new protein shake mix that works so amazingly well it blows my mind a little. I worked powerlifting (Pull) yesterday. With my previous supplement I'd have been exhausted and achey. With the new one, I was playing with the idea of doing a double hours after the first. I'm rather excited to continue to develop back strength (since most of my unwillingness to work my back came from having to endure days of back aches after working out with the old supplement).

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