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Went in and did a light workout. 2 good rounds of burpees and a few rounds on the bag. Wasn't feeling phenomenal so that was it.

Saturday - BJJ

First class back. It was being led by Bruno Capdeville, a very capable brown belt that I haven't worked with before. Got a very good first impression, his classes were run well, good warmup, an enthusiastic teacher, and excellent techniques that were new to me and easy to pick up. Looking forward to training with him more.

So we did our lengthy warm up, some new varieties of guard pass drills. Then techniques was taking the overhook, threaten a collar choke, then feed their defending arm across and bring up a very high guard. From here there's two armbars or a triangle. Also did doing and defending the double leg underhook pass. The most important part is scooping yourself back as they drive, sitting up and getting your feet to the hips. Once you're at the hips you can ride it out a bit, then move one leg to under the back of their knee, the other on the outside of their knee, then take a grip on the hooked leg and use it to lift their body and sweep. Another good option from the feet on the hips is to push their head to the ground, swinging either leg right over them, scissoring your legs to attack the turtle.

In rolling I did decently. I noticed myself playing with much more transitions. I used to try to lock my opponent down when I had a good position, but now when it gets difficult I try to automatically move to a path with less resistance. I think I got 7 rounds in, all blues except for one white and one purple. God, rounds feel so short out here compared to Brazil, I love it. A few times I had to muscle my way out of a bad position, but didn't get tapped and was rarely in a bad place. Tapped two blues with an arm triangle and could have pwned the white belt but was nice. Two blue belts in particular still gave me a hell of a time (You know who you are, Jeremy), hopefully as I settle in I can get these guys too.

Going to lift today.

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