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Squats 6,6,6 @215lbs
Deadlifts 6,6,6 @225lbs
DB Bench 6,6,6 @75lbs
Military Press 6,6,6 @110lbs
BB Rows 6,6,6 @95lbs
Chin ups 6,6,6 @b/w+20lbs

Ab Circuit
Twisting Crunches 20@45lbs
Decline Reverse Crunches 15@5lbs
Cable Crunches 20@75kg
Plank 1:00

Marathon lift day, upped weights on a few things and finished all sets. Felt ******* great...might have been the 200mg of caffeine beforehand. Weight is up to 205lbs already.

I've got another shipment of supplements in from (Please sponsor me someone), here's what I picked up.

Whey Protein Blend
Creatine Monohydrate
Multivitamin with Greens
D-Bol (natural test booster)
Joint Support (Glucosamine + Chrondroitin + MSM)

Jumping from no supplements in Brazil to a bunch of stuff to help weight gain and recovery time. I'm experimenting with D-Bol, which is not the super intense prohormones it used to be, just a bunch of natural test boosters that may or may not work. I just like experimenting with these things. Also bought 5-HTP which is supposed to be excellent for mood enhancement and sleeping. I have to say, it's working great so far.

Past 3 or 4 days has seen alot of social events, eating of unhealthy foods and casual drinking. Not going to lie, I'm kind of sick of the unhealthy habits already. Cleaning my diet up today after grocery shopping, then once I settle into a common routine I'll post my diet.

BJJ tomorrow.
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