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E Lit Er Ate
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Originally Posted by KillerShark1985 View Post
I'm on 6,452,088 and I got 4 new red just yesterday thanks to GSP's boyfriends trying to take me down.

Yea keep trying guys just so you know your reps hardly had any impact what so ever, as for diablo5597 (GSP's No.1 b1tch) and your efforts to make me red, you still got a long way to go.

In fact I bet I got more red than anyone with that kind of score, out of the last 100 rep displayed on my page 48 are red, near all buy GSP's gang bang crew.

For those who don't know, if you ever write anything bad about GSP on this forum there are a bunch of guys out there who bad rep you every time to try and make you red.

If you thinking about joining that crew, think twice, I can rep you for 640k, retribution can be a b1tch.

Take Takedownking for example, I have the power to make him Red right now, mmmm should I or shouldn't I, its like giving a loaded shot gun to an 8 year old.

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