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Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
Actually, you rep for 6400. Not 640k. 3200 for a neg.
Actually he reps for 64520, 32260 for negs.

On my personal opinnion about the matter.
This rep thing itīs not hard to understand imo, i donīt think itīs a matter of how cool or uncool you are,
looks to me that itīs a great way of pre-moderation.
I mean if people are worried about the size of their e-penis they wonīt be trolling around,
or at least they will think twice before putting on the Interwebz keyboard warrior suit on.
That will prevent many wars of words, bad mouthing and all the BS that comes with it.
So, at the end of the day that will make the board a peacefull place to be in,
a place to debate in a proper way. Iīm fine with it and tottaly agree with all this.
The down side is that sometimes we donīt really get to knw all the truth about people,
what they really think, because theyīre afraid of their rep e-penis to go smaller.
A small price to pay to enjoy such a lovely board if you ask me.

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