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Technique was collar choke -> ezekiel from back -> armbar combo. Taking back crucifix, collar choke finishes and an armbar.

In rolling I got a very skilled purple belt first round. Luckily working against skilled open guard players is working better for me since Brazil. I managed past his guard into side, and dominated position for awhile, including taking mount and back. I eventually caught him with an armbar and tapped this particular purple for the first time. The round must have went extra long, I knew the law of averages was going to work out over time and he was going to get me, caught me with a collar choke from bottom half guard. Very good roll. Next blue belt that I often stalemate with. It seemed to be going that way again but I passed his guard finally just before the end of the round. Third roll was with another tough blue belt. I believe I got past the guard but it didn't last long. Right near the end I got swept from a stand. Good class. Muay Thai + MMA tomorrow.
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