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Hot Yoga was great. We did 90 minutes and there were a few points where I found myself near my breaking point but pushed through. I found my balance and flexibility to carry over well to Yoga, but certainly with room for improvement because while you may stretch in training, you never focus on it quite like this. I felt very lightheaded and probably could have passed out if I pushed myself harder. This is a good feeling to seek out and embrace, because that utter exhaustion reminds me of heavy sparring and fighting. You get mentally comfortable in that place and you'll be much more dangerous. I was by far the sweatiest person there, dripping like crazy until my towel was beyond it's ability to absorb anymore of my abuse.

I'm going to take a nap and make a judgement call on going to Vancouver to see Kajan tonight. My shoulder does feel decent but I don't trust it. Plus, I think my body is going to be a little extra exhausted from this new stimulus this morning.

Something in my new supplement regiment is making me ill. I feel sick to my stomach immediately after taking them all, and then I'm pooping kibbles and bits 20 minutes later. I'm going to take them slowly one after the other today and see which one is doing it. My theory is it's the D-Bol.
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