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Saturday I didn't do much except lifted. Did military press, bench press, and skullcrushers. I think that was all. Weights/reps were up, as I recall. Ate well enough until evening. At which point some friends and I hung out at a local festival, then we went back to someone's house and I got fairly smashed. But not without stopping for a couple burgers on the way. Ladyfriend kind of tore my heart out a bit and spat on it, so I got pretty smashed and smoked maybe half a pack of smokes. Lifting went well though. I maxed out on bench at 165lbs, but made two attempts at 175lbs that were very nearly up.

Sunday is my day of rest anyway, but I also ate fairly poorly, trying to relieve my hangover. Stretched before bed.

Monday. I ran, 1.5 miles. I jogged most, sprinted a little, walked some. Lifted, did legs; squats, standing calf raises (bw+90lbs), reverse lunges, leg extensions, leg curls. Hit the heavy bag a very little bit I think, nothing worthwhile. Did 5 sets of 20 situps. Felt good man.

Tuesday. Lifted, did back/biceps, pull; deadlifts, bent over rows, shoulder shrugs, preacher curl, seated incline dumbbell curl, barbell curl. I think weight may have gone up on some of the bicep stuff, reps went up on deadlifts (300lbs, 4/4/3 as opposed to last week's 3/3/1 iirc). Did bent over rows at 135lbs, reps were 4/4/4, should've just did trap pull since my form was all slop on the rows. Worked out with a friend, doing the same head movement drill as last time, worked on kick avoidance/mitigation, practiced my kicks, did some freestyle takedown practice, and I got to practice sprawls. I think I'm better as a total package - when he also has to worry about my fists and my feet, I think I might be able to get in more takedowns. We'll see. Felt really good knocking out those deadlifts earlier though.

Wednesday. Lifted, chest/tricep, press. Did flat bench, incline barbell bench, dumbbell shoulder press, skullcrushers, and backwards tricep extensions (???). I'm not sure what to call them, but you're bent over and holding a dumbbell, and just extend your arm straight along the side of your body. I also did dumbbell lat raises, since I didn't feel like I hit my lats yesterday the way I wanted to. Everything felt good. Flat bench, I did 135lbs for 10/8, then did 145lbs for 6, which is not only a rep increase, it's a weight increase. The extensions were new so I did a little bit of low weight, but they were good for really burning my triceps out on. Had never done shoulder press with dumbbells either, so my weights were a little low but now that I'm more familiar, it should be better next time.

Have been taking the mass builder every morning that I lift. I haven't been taking the whey protein because honestly, it's just so gross, man. I know I should really take it, but maaan, it's honestly hard for me to stomach that shit.

I weighed myself Monday, expecting to see at least a few pounds of gain. Ended up weighing about five pounds less than I did when I started my "bulking" cycle, and as of today I'm another half a pound down. I try to lose weight, and I maintain or gain. I try to gain, and I lose. This shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

All in all, I feel a lot stronger, and faster. And I feel like my technique is getting played out more smoothly because of that.

I've picked up on a few things I need to work on though. My left hand is a little low, or at least lower than I'd like it to be. My right hand drops to my hip occasionally when I go for a right hook, just because I like to power that bad boy up. I also need to drive through on my takedowns, and commit way more than I am now. I've known I need to drive more on my takedowns, but the thought escaped me on Tuesday; I'll remember it for next time. Also when sweeping/throwing, underhooks are your friend - but there's something about sticking my biceps in another dude's armpits that I seem to take subconcsious issue with.

That's all for now, I guess.

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