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Makovsky advances with a UD:

Round 1 – Makovsky wins the contest for best nickname in “Fun size”. Goldsby with a high kick early but Makovsky blocks it easily. Goldsby gets in a right as both circle looking for the right range. Goldsby glances him with a high kick but it doesn’t do much damage. They trade punches in the center and Makovsky shoots in for a quick takedown, working for an arm triangle choke. Goldsby gets up and Makovsky takes him down with a single leg, then looks for side control. Makovsky works to get his leg free but Goldsby has him wrapped him, then pulls guard. After a quick exchange, Goldsby scores a takedown of his own. Goldsby stands an Makovsky trips him and brings him back down. Makovsky has the dominant position but Goldsby is working on the bottom. Makovsky moves to side control and looks for mount but Goldsby briefly stands then moves to take Makovsky down. Makovsky lands a couple shots from the top and briefly gets out of half guard with the two trading short punches as the round ends. Not a bad round; it should see Makovsky with the 10-9.

Round 2 – Goldsby opens with a high kick but doesn’t find his mark. Makovsky looks for a body kick then a double jab, and the two circle. Makovsky gets a takedown and lands some elbows to Goldsby’s legs. Makovsky lands some headshots from the side position then transitions to mount.. He looks to posture up, but Goldsby almost sweeps him so he moves back down. Makovsky lands more short punches to Goldsby’s head. Makovsky postures up against landing more shots and Goldsby briefly gives up his back before turning back over. Makovsky gets full mount again and lands more shots, but Goldsby tonginues to scramble and Makovsky loses mount but moves to side control, then attempting to take Goldsby’s back before Goldsby rolls out of it. Makovsky lands more shots from the top and Goldsby manages to stand as the round winds down. Makovsky lands a short punch and the two trade kicks. Goldsby manages to land a solid knee to the body before the round ends. A solid round for Makovsky 10-9.

Round 3 – Makovsky opens the action early with a good takedown, then a second before he quickly sinks in a guillotine then rolls to take the top position. Goldsby defends and manages to work his head out although it looked like Makovsky might end it. Goldsby quikcly goes to work from the top throwing short punches, standing in a low position to land shots before moving back to the ground. Goldsby lands more shots from the top, staying busy in the dominant position. Makovsky continues to alternate between trying to scramble or pull guard but Goldsby lands more shots from the top, looking for the mount but ending up in half-guard. Goldsby continues to land short punches and the ref stands them up but Goldsby quickly takes the action back to the ground landing a couple shots before trying to stand and falling victim to a single-leg from Makovsky who ends up in mount landing punches from the top as the round ends. Goldsby should win the third round 10-9 but it’s too little too late.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Zack Makovsky def. Bryan Goldsby by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

NOTES: Makovsky will face Ed West in the bantamweight tournament finals next month.

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