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Didn't really appreciate Mousasi being lazy and sloppy just because he could. I'm starting to turn against this guy he is just wasting all of his potential. He could be a top 3 MW or top 5 LHW if he actually cared and trained properly. Mizuno showed improvement especially with his hand combinations but he has basically no business fighting at LHW and doesn't really seem to be great at anything.

Wicky is going to be a ******* monster down the line. I would have given him that fight since Ishida didn't really effectively do anything aside from hold onto him and Wicky had all of the damage and about the same amount of time in actual dominant positions on the ground. Saku/Miller was as expected and just sad. Aoki continues to improve but would still get his ass handed to him in the UFC by most of the top guys. I'm on the Takaya bandwagon now he rubbed me the wrong way at first but the power in his hands is insane.

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