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My training partner lent me a new workout book that has caught my attention. Going to start following the program as closely as I can.

The first step was to test my one rep maxes for Bench, Deadlift, Weighted Chinup, and I added squats in too. Then you compare it to your bodyweight to get a "warrior rating" in each area.

As of yesterday

Bodyweight: 210lbs
One Rep Maxes:
Bench - 210
Deadlift - 315
Squat - 285
Chinup - +70

I also have to do weekly tests of performing a certain exercise as many times as I can in a time frame. This week is pushups in 4:00. I got 62. I bet ya I could have done better if I hadn't just been benching. Oh well.

Yesterday was an interesting array of workouts. Did Hot Yoga that morning, it's really starting to grow on me. It makes you impressively sore in the hamstring/groin region, and my flexibility is already improving. Also shadowboxed 3 rounds and hit the bag for 3 rounds after lifting. Good week.

Extra rest today, didn't get much sleep last night, and it's my first day back at work. Excited to get back to work, but not too stoked to miss a UFC.
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