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Originally Posted by bluto424 View Post
Say what you want about Tank Abbott, I know he lost more fights than he would have liked, but he almost always entertained the fans to the utmost.

My all-time favorite thing about Tank, though, is a statement he once made while being interviewed. I guess the interviewer had mentioned something about no one in Huntington Beach messing with Tank because he was so tough, and Tank replied by saying something like, "I'm not a bully, I'm the guy who beats up the bullies."
I thought that was a great thing to say, and Tank really earned my respect with that statement, although he'd already had my respect for being willing to get into the Octagon with some other pretty tough dudes.
i remember kimbo saying something like this, that hes not a bully but he beats up bullies. but tank was trying to be the bully with kimbo but kimbo wont let him have it
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