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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
It isn't too bad. I have to describe my job while in college, then talk about what I may want to do after college, and then finally talk about my dream profession. 2-3 minutesso I should be fine.I just don't have any interest in giving speeches for class.
Only 2-3 minutes? I could bullshit speech my way through that topic for like half an hour. Usually takes me 2-3 minutes just to get going and get into a groove. Least its a decent open ended topic to speak on, good luck

Originally Posted by Dan0 View Post
I hate giving speeches when the topic is shitty.
Other than that, I'm usually pretty good at them.
I feel the same way. This one time I had to give a 15minute presentation on financial statistics and long term estimates on a "hypothetical" ice cream company I came up with. Was 15minutes without any real facts, bullshit on top of bullshit, I think at one point I even told a joke involving ice cream. It was pretty terrible, but I got a B+.

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