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A Sad Goodbye, and Some Thoughts

This post is one of the more personal ones, but it seems appropriate, since it brings up some of the issues I've talked about extensively on the forum.

Originally Posted by IronMan @ MMAOpinion
There are a handful of writers who have influenced and mentored me as I was a younger guy (literally, a boy) coming up writing about the sport. Early this year, I said goodbye to a dear friend, and (while this is a bit different) it still bears a sort of significance in that I will be a little more independent of the opinions and originative minds that shaped me, and my writing.

Ivan Trembow, the mastermind behind the Independent World MMA Rankings, and one of the best independent bloggers in the sport announced his decision to abstain from watching MMA, a decision that he did not come to lightly. The decision (I recommend reading his arguments yourself, as they are powerful) is one that startled me, as it left me largely responsible for the rankings, and it marked the departure of an interesting, thoughtful writer who I looked up to, forcing me to stop and think.

I revisited my position over and over again on this issue, and I found this: I donít agree with Ivanís decision to leave. I respect it. Heís entitled to his thoughts, his feelings, and they have merit. They are not my feelings. But they do iterate thoughts that ought to come to the forefront of MMA, that we donít discuss in the wake of event previews and matchup speculation.
You can read the full post here.

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