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Ultimate Warrior Workout Week 1 Day 1 Upper Body

Knuckle Pushups 10,10
Diamond Pushups 10,10
Towel Neck Isometrics 3x5 secs, high and low
Closed Grip Bench Press 8,8,8@95lbs
Bar Dips 8,8,8
Chin up 8,8,8
Dumbbell Row 8,8@80lbs
Barbell Curl 10,10,10@75lbs

Crunches/decline bench/alternating punches 12,12,12
Hanging Knee ups 10,10,10
Situps/decline bench/medicine ball behind head 12,12,12@5lbs

Suprisingly challenging workout. Didn't have the elastic band things to do what looks like a difficult warmup. More weight on CG Bench and dips next time. Slightly less weight on Curls and a lighter medicine ball behind my head.

BJJ tonight.
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