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Originally Posted by kantowrestler View Post
Right, believe it or not it does affect one's conditioning. Nick Diaz is a dude who could be much better if he didn't use it. There is a reason why weed is an illegal substance and a crime in the nation!
Only the ignorant use the simple existence of a law as a justification for condemning a thing. Slavery was legal at one time, does that mean it was right? In many states homosexuality was illegal until just a few years ago, women couldn't vote, it was illegal for a woman to refuse sex to her husband, the military code of justice still demands a court martial for the crime of sodomy (gay sex, by their definition), the list goes on. There are countless examples of unjust laws that have been struck down because society WOKE UP.

The "reason" marijuana is illegal has nothing to do with health or social problems, it's all politics. Do some damn research.

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