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MMA Techniques and Training | Pack

Michael Bisping - Technical Striking 4 MMA (2009) [2 Disc]
DVDRip | English | 1:30:00 | AVI XViD 640x480 1211Kbps | MP3 124kbps 44,1khz | 853.61 MB
Genre: Video Training

Fighting at LHW and MW, In 17 fights, with 16 wins, 11 have been TKOs and 11 wins have been within the first round. Bisping is a master at technical striking, bringing precision, power, and an evasiveness that few have seen before in the cage.

In this double DVD set, Michael Bisping teaches many techniques, combinations and drills that you can use to develop effective technical striking.
If you only buy one DVD to better your striking ability, make this the one!"

Disc 1 - Striking, combinations, footwork, evading, blocking, countering, drills.
Disc 2 - Kicks, counters, blocks, combinations, knees, Thai Clinch, drills, weights for MMA

"Shogun And Ninja - Secrets Of Chute Boxe : The Ultimate Fighting System Blending Muay Thai Striking And Jiu-Jitsu Groundfighting For Mixed Martial Arts"
English | DivX 5 512x384 29.97fps | MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo | 4 hr | 2.2 GB

Chute Boxe is the legendary Mixed Martial Arts Academy originating from Curitiba, Brazil with an academy now in California. It is renowned for churning out legendary Pride FC Middleweight Champion Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva as well as the Rua brothers, Mauricio Shogun, winner of the 2005 Pride FC Middleweight Grand Prix and Murilo Ninja, current and first EliteXC Middleweight Champion. Chute Boxe is renowned for its relentless and brutal, full-throttle blend of Muay Thai striking and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu groundfighting techniques solidifying it as one of the premier fighting systems on the planet.

Secrets of Chute Boxe stars Pride and UFC fighting champions Mauricio Shogun Rua and Murilo Ninja Rua. Filmed on location at the Chute Boxe fight headquarters in Brazil and at the production studios in NY, Secrets of Chute Boxe is an in-depth look at the total Chute Boxe fight game from start to finish. The Chute Boxe fighting style is one of relentless Muay Thai style strikes and clinching with a devastating ground game that involves stomps, knees, elbows, submissions and much more. The set contains 6 massive DVDs and is loaded with the best very MMA techniques in the Chute Boxe arsenal. Many of these devastating techniques that were once highly guarded fight strategies used by the team over their many years of MMA dominance in Pride and other top shows. As an added bonus, we take you behind the scenes of the actual workouts of Shogun and Ninja as they prepare for fights in Pride and other top shows. This is a must have DVD set for all Mixed Martial Arts practitioners looking to add the powerful striking and ground game of these two top fighters to their own fighting arsenal! DVDs Include MMA Striking, The MMA Clinch, Defending MMA Takedowns, Top Position For MMA, Bottom Position For MMA and Advanced Groundfighting
CSW Essentials 5 DVD Set by Erik Paulson"
English | Xvid 320x240 29.97fps | MPEG 44100Hz stereo 192kbps | 2.5 GB

Are you tired of fast-forwarding and rewinding your favorite MMA instructional videos to find the one technique you want to learn? Are you sick of seeing the same slow-motion breakdown of the technique over and over again? Do you wish there would be less talk and more technique? Well the wait is over.

With Erik's new 5-DVD set, "The CSW Essentials Series," you will be able to access exactly the technique you want to learn in just seconds. Here's what you will get in this series:

DVD 1: Takedowns off the Punch

Erik will teach you how to take your opponent to the ground fast. In this DVD, Erik demonstrates effective and proven entries and takedowns off of the jab, cross, and hook, as well as methods to set-up your shot and the valuable drills to improve your transitioning skills.

DVD 2: The Plumm

The Plumm is arguably the most overlooked part of fight training - but no longer. Erik shows you how to work from this vital position - covering head control grips, transitionary positions in the plumm, striking from the plumm, and escapes.

DVD 3: Pummeling

As Erik says, "If you aren't pummeling, you aren't grappling." In this DVD you learn the essence of grappling, as Erik shows how effective pummeling will help you control your opponent without being controlled. Erik breaks down pummeling to its critical core: head, neck, chest, bicep, wrist, and leg pummeling, along with essential pummeling drills to improve your skills.

DVD 4: Vale Tudo Guard Passes

It doesn't matter how good your stand-up is, you will inevitably find yourself in your opponent's guard - and you need to be prepared to get out as quickly as possible. In this DVD, Erik outlines a complete arsenal of passes that you can integrate into your ground game.

DVD 5: Attacks from Position

This DVD focuses on how to attack your opponent from every possible position. Erik covers how to integrate, apply, and transition your attacks using the v-armlock, straight armlock, and fist choke. This DVD is loaded with not only the mechanics of technique, but how positioning and transitioning can setup the attacks that will end your fights.

This DVD set is the one you've been waiting for: a complete set of accessible, well-explained, ESSENTIAL mixed martial arts techniques shot in high quality digital video and demonstrated by one of the best MMA instructors in the world.

Kettlebell Training for Combat Athletes (2009)
English | DVDRip | avi | 720 x 480 | 29.97 fps | XVID 1672 kbps | MP3 128 Kbps | 1.1GB
Genre: Video Training

At the top levels of MMA there are so many fighters using kettlebells to great effect. Fedor Emelianenko, Frank Shamrock are among the notables that are pushing the training envelope with kettlebell training. Fighters are boasting stronger more powerfull striking techniques, explosive take downs and an unbreakable ground game as a result of kettlebell training. With such dramatic results coming from the kettlebell trend, every man and his dog are starting to use kettlebells to lift there combat performance. This is were the smart fighter can lead the pack.

"Kettlebell Training For Combat Athletes" 2 DVD set, by Jason C. Brown and Zach

Even-Esh is a significant move to increasing the effectiveness of standard kettlebell training, and helping you become a stronger more powerful fighter. Jason and Zach's methods are all fight specific, and perfect for the MMA athlete.
We've been incorporating the Kettlebell Training for Combat Athletes here at Fighters Review for a month now, and WOW! If you're into really pushing your self, then get the spew bucket out.

These aren't the standard Kettlebell exercises although the rudiments are covered at the beginning, and are explained well. This gives the beginner a good base to start with and quickly gets funky for the advanced user.
My favourite exercises in the set were the Kettlebell Complexes, which is basically a set of Kettlebell exercises done without pausing. Years ago when preparing for a fight I used an Eastern Bloc Barbell Complex that a lot of Russian wrestlers were having success with. I thought I was the man, and in part attribute that type of training to a 3 and half minute victory in that particular fight. The Kettlebell Complexes compared to the Barbell ones are killer. The off center weight of the Kettlebells combined with the fight specific movements of Zach and Jason's complex taxes the body like nothing else. Your heart lungs and muscles will be crying NOOOO!!!! I got quickly humbled.

Disk 2 covers using Kettlebells combined with other tools and training implements such as bands, platforms and towels. The tools combined with the Kettlebells make for some very effective training. I especially liked the box jumps combined with the Kettlebell cleans, think EXPLODE, because that's what you'll be doing in fighting after doing these for a month.
After doing it for a month one bit of advice I'd give is to try and do it with a partner. You'll be able to push yourself alot more, and keep each other in correct form.
The bottom line is these are 2 DVDs full of pain and fun that will take your fighting abilities to the next level, and get you ahead of the pack.
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