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Originally Posted by Sambo de Amigo View Post
Boxing because all street fights start with punching some form of Wrestling because when the flurry doesn't work they tend to tackle you and i think that should do you.
great choices. Wrestling is great (in fact my base style) the only problem is you don't know how to fight off your back. Krav will teach you some basic sweeps kicks off your back what to do if someone has mounted you how to move off your back and how to get up without exposing yourself.

one thing that krav also does well (or at least the instructors at my guy do) is it also makes you think past the fight. In your fighting stance they teach you to keep your guard up but your hands open instead of a fist and make a fist just right before you punch. If your hands are open it doesn't make you look like the aggressor (may even look submissive) as apposed to when your hands are clinched in fists. this could make a difference if it gets to the point where the police shows up and ask witness what happened and if it was self defense or just a fight.

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