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I dont get why people are doggin Aoki. I mean in his past 2 fights he proved that he doesnt need the long pants. Unlike most UFC LW, he FINISHS fights (or at the very least attempts). On paper, Aoki has been more successful in MMA then Penn.
As for Werdum, he best the no.1 HW at the time, how in the hell he isnt top 5. I dont get it. He loses to JDS and he's a UFC throwaway? Get real. I mean hell, Jorge Santiago is a top 5 MW and he got KTFO BY LEBEN. LEBEN!!!!! Are people talking shit about him? No. Omigawa is on a rampage right now DESPITE his shaky start. People like yall are so quick to make fun of someones past, that their future doesnt matter. Alot of these MMA fans are fickle. I still believe KID is gonna get back to the top, I believe Mousasi is gonna be the next Fedor. Unlike most "MMA" fans, im loyal to my favorite fighters.

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