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Originally Posted by Obliterate View Post
HI All

Im a huge MMA fan and want to start getting into training (mainly for fitness and self Defense, dont want to get my head smashed in for a living.

While i was on youtube i came across this video:

YouTube - jkd

I was just interested to know which u thought was better for real life situations, JKD or a mixture of boxing, BJJ etc etc.

Also why is it that JKD has never been sucessful in something like UFC or pride? Are the moves shown in the video not going to work in real life situations?

Many thanks all!
I don't know if someone has already said this or not being that I did not take the time to read through most of the replies on this forum haha. But Jeet Kune Do embodies formlessness. Meaning it is whatever style when it needs to be that style. So, in theory, yes it could work in the cage. Being that it is an open style developed mainly for self-defense, then it could be right up there for what you are looking for. If it were to work in a cage it would have to be adapted for that sort of competition, as it is not generally a competitive style. I train Kajukenbo (karate, jujitsu, judo, kenpo, kung fu) and Wing Chun with some freestyle grappling (which is what we would be considered I guess, being that it's just a mixture of all sorts of grappling styles). I have trained in Jeet Kune Do as well. My dad actually knows quite a bit about it (he owns our martial arts school and has been training/fighting for over 35 years now). But you know, it's really all up to you and what you feel would be best for self-defense. My advice would be to test the waters with multiple styles and see which you feel suits you best. Everything is effective, it just depends on the user :-)

Oh and about your question about the moves not working in real life situations... Well put it this way. No matter how you train a move or how good you get at working those moves, a real situation will never allow for it to go exactly like your training. But yes, most of those moves if applied with full force and proper technique will devastate a person.
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