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Ultimate Warrior Workout Week 1 Day 2 Hurricane Workout

Warrior Warmup - 25 mins
All Stationary Warmup Drills 2x10
All Movement Warmup Drill 2x gym length and back
All Muscle Activation Exercises 1x8

Jump Rope Session 12 Mins
1 min each:
Simple jump
Side to side jump
Forward backward jump
One foot jump (left)
One foot jump (right)
Simple jump
Alternating feet jog
Foot cross jump
Arm cross jump
Simple jump

Hurricane Catgory 1
Treadmill at 9 mph, 10% incline, 8 sets of 15 seconds...recover heart rate to 120 BPM after every set.

Flexibility Training

Neat cardio day. The warrior warmup is a bunch of bodyweight things that I'm not going to list. It definitely warms you up and then some. The skip rope session is difficult with the varying moves but I got the hang of most except for the arm cross. The 15 second sprints are pretty easy...the challenge is getting your heart rate back to 120 after every set.

Got to use a more accurate scale today...the gym scales are way over. I'm 202lbs and 10.6% bodyfat. Will use this same scale often to record weight and bodyfat changes.

BJJ in a bit.
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