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Been about a week, I'll try to pick up where I left off though.

Thursday. Not much. I don't think I lifted. Shadowboxed a bit.

Friday. Strength training; was pull day, back/biceps but it turned into a kind of whole upper body thing with focus on back. Did a gorilla style workout. Overhead tire tosses, tire slams, trap pulls with light logs, shrugs with logs, shrugs with cement chunks attached to steel pipe, sewer caps and waist rotations (for lats) with hunk of cement. Really good day for grip and lower back, everything else felt kind of eh, very maintence-esque. Traps were burning pretty good on the shrugs w/ cement attached to steel pipe. I really love doing this kind of stuff because of how intense it can be done. There's no stopping to switch weights out, play with the bench, move the bar, whatever. It's just, boom, a bunch of tire slams, ok drop the tire, grab this rock and do sewer caps, ok grab this log and do shrugs. Also on Friday I shadowboxed for maybe 40min.

Saturday. Didn't lift. Didn't do anything I don't think. Felt really sick.

Sunday. Day of rest. Got ridiculously drunk.

Monday. Lifted, did legs. All the same stuff as usual, squats, standing calf raises, reverse lunges, leg extensions, leg curls. Reps went up, weight varied. Tried to use better/differing form to get a better response, so weight dropped for some of the lifts. Dropped my squat down to only about 100lbs, but went ass to the grass, and man, was I hurtin' the next day. Legs were cuuuuut uuuuup after that noise. Forearms were actually kind of sore too, from having to hold the 35lb plates on reverse lunges.

Hit the bag maybe half hour, shadow boxed another half hour.

Dietarily, Monday was garbage. It was fine up until the afternoonish, when I started hanging out with a friend. Ended up getting McDonald's on the fly and getting drunk at his place.

Tuesday. Did some boxercise video thing. Was ok but, eh, whatever. Might do it as part of a cardio thing, just because it's something I can do at home that has someone "there" trying to motivate me. After that my day took a turn for the personal worse, and I didn't do anything else.

Wednesday. Lifted, chest/triceps, press. Really, really good lift day. Like, really good. Flat bench, dumbbell incline bench, barbell military press, bodyweight dips, dumbbell bench flys. Reps went up on military press. Weight went up on flat bench (going up to 5 reps @ 155lbs for my last set) and on incline dumbbell bench (40lbs/dumbbell on the first set, up to 50lbs on the second and third sets). Stretched out today, and shadowboxed maybe half hour.

I've been having trouble hitting the bag because of an injury with my left leg, that's keeping me from kicking with that leg. I can still kick with the right, and still punch, but pivoting/putting weight on that injured left leg is nerve wracking. Been using tiger balm on it and trying to let it heal up. Think it's doing better.

My cardio's been feeling really down since I've been tacking on all this muscle, so I really do need to start doing something much more. Think tomorrow I'll try to put some time in on the bag and do footwork/sprint drills, and maybe try to fit in a run. Who knows though, I won't know what tomorrow brings until it's brought.

I'm not sure if I'll be competing in March or not, due to several issues. Need to do some serious soul searching.

Been a really, tiring week.

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