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I will hit my bag-work tomorrow, It'll be nice to work on that aspect for a good 2-3 hours.

I talked with my sparring buddies about when we could get our act together finally! They have moved about 20-miles from me now...but they have a much better set-up in their new home.

They have a nice shed that is going to house their weights and bags, they have a 100-pound bag and a 125-pound bag.

They've got a decent basement as well, apparently there is a shadow boxing set-up down there with a multi-mirror array.

I'll have a challenge when I face these two in sparring sessions. I may hold slight weight,height and reach advantage over them. But they will have superior striking speed.

I can't say as to how versed they are on the ground but we will see.

If I get the chance I'd like to work on setting up 1 or 2 sessions/month and putting in at least 1 or 2 hours of sparring, half hour to hour of lifts, and a 2-mile run to Finnish the day.

Things are looking good for me I think.

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