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Originally Posted by kantowrestler View Post
Yeah, but California has started cracking down on those dispenseries cause the only people who go to them are druggies. Personally, Diaz would probably get a slap on the wrist if he gets caught with weed. Yes, it is a screwed up system but the fact of the matter is the DEA will go after someone who is involved in a drug ring!
You are on the super-ignorant levle if you really think that the only people who go to dispenseries are druggies, is there anyway it could be people who need medicine to help with their chronic illness or pain but dont want to suffer through the side effects of LEGAL DRUGS that cause more problems then what you originally used it for?

-Do you get depressed from weed, no.
-Do you vomit because of weed, no, (unless you do way more then your suppose to which is the same with alot of drugs.)
-Do you get stomach bleeding from weed, no.
-Diarrhea? No.
-Constipation, no.
-Nausea, no.
-Liver damage, nope!
-Hallucinations, confusion, no.
-Difficulty breathing, no.
-Blurred vision, no.
-Skin rash, no.
-Heart pain, no.
-Cramps, no.
-Burning sensation, wtf no.
-Urinary tract infection, nah man nah lol.
-Become hostile, no quite the opposite.
-Unexplained muscle pain, no.
-Joint pain, no.
-Dry mouth, yes,(NOOOOOOOOOOO1!!!111 OMFG NOOOOOOO!.)

Face it kanto weed is useful and just because its illegal in some places doesnt make it bad otherwise it wouldnt be legal ANYWHERE, but just because you go with the crowd/masses and cant think outside of that box you cant accept that.

The fact is weed has no side effects that compare to that of "useful" prescription drugs. And the one of the few reasons its illegal in some places is because it was wrongfuly associated with drugs that are actually addictive, (your body cant be physically addicted to weed I smoked for 90 days straight almost without break and suffered no withdrawels or w/e and have been off for over a month now with no smokeing.)
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