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Well, since I'm here I might as well log and not just chitchat!^^^

Lifting has been on and off for almost the entire time since the last post. I can't seem to find the motivation to get my lazy ass moving! I've done a bit of editing, and tweaked each workout. Box Jumps have been replaced with Frog Jumps, and on explosive day, Deadlifts have been replaced with Power Cleans (mixed grip). All in all, I have been having a helluva time getting myself pumped to lift. I'm cool with padwork(usually), rolling, sparring etc, but when it comes to lifting, I am king of procrastination. It F-ing pisses me off!

Bag work has been really nice. I've been working very hard on my footwork moving in and out of my range and moving laterally (which is far more important than forwards and backwards). With my shadowboxing I've been working on angles specifically and moving in and out and around my invisible opponent's reach and power side. I want to get a full workout in with my training partner today, but I haven't heard back from him, I am almost desperate to see if I've made any significant improvements with my hands versus the last time.

Speaking of bagwork. I took the shitbiscuit water bag that I have effectively ruined in under two months off and replaced it with a moderately repaired version of my old bag. I also saw a psuedo banana bag (tall and skinny, but not seven or seight feet tall!) at Dunhams that really peaked my interest. I just have to wait until payday to look into buying it since I also have to save for an apartment.

On a tangent: My review of a Combat Sports hanging water bag. This bag lacks some of the most basic and fundamental aspects of a useful heavy bag. 1. Its padded between the exterior layer and the water bladder, meaning inertia is displaced and its nearly impossible to tell how powerful a technique was until your foot/shin/hand has penetrated approx 2-3 inches into the bag. 2. The water in the bladder doesn't completely fill the bladder while still being safe for regular use, meaning every swing or movement is greatly exaggerated. 3. There is a metal ring around the rim of the bag that, unless it is hung 8-10 feet off the ground, is at approximately jaw or temple height. This metal ring is attached to the top of the bladder and can be disconnected from whatever connectors it uses to remain at the peak of the bag with little or no force(I broke these connectors and the ring shifted downward at a 45 degree angle with only a single front snap kick to this ring). Overall. Its a poor quality design, that would only benefit those who are 1. Cardio Kickboxers who don't care if they hit hard or accurately, or 2. Those who don't hit hard enough to hurt themselves.
Moral of this story: Buy quality not quantity.

Dietwise: I finally understand the algorithm for caloric percentages(seriously, it took me forever to understand it, pitiful right!) An example being, 3000 calories, 50% Protein, 30% Carbohydrates, 20% Fats. The exact algorithm is much more complex, however my altered version breaks down like this:

(Total Calories per day[3000]/4)x.5=Protein (375 grams)
(Total Calories per day[3000]/4)x.3=Carbohydrates (225 grams)
(Total Calories per day[3000]/4)x.2=Fats (150 grams)

This being said, I've begun compiling a list of various foods and their values in these areas with the overall goal being that I can develop a legitimate fighter's diet. I've also been researching various vitamins and their benefits, since a basic multivitamin alone doesn't contain many of the most important vitamins and minerals for joint and muscle support, bone calcification etc.

Psyche segment: F*cking god damn bitches! You take 'em to festivals, flirt like a mofo, and they're dirty f*cking teases. Do I have to be a douchebag, I don't wanna be a douchebag!...F*ck! I have to be a douchebag! That is all.

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