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Been a kinda tiring day.

Started with a run. Just under a mile I think, at a pretty good clip the entire time.

Spent about 40 minutes shadowboxing/hitting the bag. Was alternating back and forth between the two to work on different aspects of the combinations. Some of the things I worked on: Something I learned on the first day of kung fu forever ago that I didn't really grasp fully then - stepping out at an angle as a dodge, then tossing a front snap to the ribs as a counter. Really clean, really crisp, just need to put it together so it's quicker. Worked a lot on liver shots today. Working on a simple slip to the outside of a jab or cross (stance pending) and tossing my left as an uppercut or shovel hook right in there. Worked on using a cross or jab/cross as a setup for it. Worked on, left jab/right cross/left hook into upperbody grab (shoulder, head, whatever I can get an arm around)/ then a left curving knee to the liver. Worked also on tossing a cross to the head to draw their cross (or jab if southpaw) then a lead left leg roundhouse to their exposed body. Worked a few hands-only combos that were kind of lengthy; jab(to head) /cross(to head)/left hook (to body)/ right hook (to body)/right hook (to head)/left hook(to head)/finished with a right uppercut hopefully right between their arms, hopefully. Others were a little more straight forward. Also worked on jab(to head)/cross(to head [and then leaving it up to block vision])/rear leg right roundhouse to the legs. Threw a few head height lead leg left roundhouses, a few lead leg side kicks, and a couple rear leg turning side kicks. I also worked on a nice lil' diddy of feinting the lead leg side kick and switching into rear leg spinning back kick. <3 that one.

Lifted. Did legs. Squats, ass to grass, at 135lbs. Standing calf raises at BW+90, think I'm going to start loading the barbell and shouldering it as if squatting, cause that 90 ain't cuttin' it. Reverse lunges at 70lbs. Leg extensions at 85lbs and leg curls at 70lbs. Sets/reps was 3 sets of 10 reps on everything. Next week I think I'll go back to jacking on the weight for squats and going up on depth (from where I've gone the last two leg lift days), then keep alternating squat style each week, since the squat is the "king of mass builders" afterall. I think reverse lunges are going to see me using the barbell as well. What I do for the calf raises and reverse lunges is hold a plate in each hand (45lb plates for calf raises, 35lb plates for lunges), but that way, my grip is getting a harder workout doing those workouts than my legs really are. While I like working my grip an' all, I'd like to see more response in my legs from those lifts.

Went over a buddy's place. Got a good stretch and warmup in there. Then we went back and forth hitting the pads. I didn't work my hands too much on them, mainly threw kicks on the thai pads for tonight. Then we rolled since he's big into submission wraslin'. I got him with something, a guillotine once I think. He got me with some kind of arm lock thingy, I didn't ask what it was. And then finally I tapped out of exhaustion. Rolled for what seemed like forever (and in real time, it did actually have to be quite a while), and I just couldn't handle it anymore. He had been on top most of the last go, and my cardio's just not good enough for that. Plus I had been trying submission after submission, but we were both so slippery from sweat, my legs were just rolling off him every time I almost got a triangle, and his head would just slip out every time I almost got the guillotine. Oh well. Was a really good workout.

Diet was very good today. Breakfast was cheerios and milk, not bad. Lunch was about two chicken breast with some potato and rice. Second lunch was protein shake (2% milk+3scoops "Up Your Mass". Dinner was a fairly large tuna sammich with lettuce, tomato, and a little cheese, on wheat.

All in all, a pretty good day. Basically doubled today the amount of time I usually workout (two hours up to about four hours, maybe a bit longer). And my chest is still sore from last night. Joy!

Tomorrow's lift is pull. Think I'll drop a couple of the bicep specific things, and switch in straight bar cleans, and reverse curls on the ezcurl bar. Yupyup.

Have a good day.

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