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MMA Fantasy League!

Members of the MMA Forum, let me invite you to join the first ever MMA Fantasy League.

What the MMA Fantasy League?

The MMA Fantasy League imagines that you are the coach of a team in the forthcoming International Fighting League. There are differences between the real IFL and this Fantasy League variant. Instead of only four teams, the MMA Fantasy League has twenty spread over four divisions of five (and two conferences).

Making up for this gigantic increase in the number of teams will be a list of over four hundred fighters (not only free agents and current IFL members, but also fighters presently in the UFC and PRIDE FC) available to select for your team. To ensure that this is done fairly the league commissioner (myself) will oversee a fighter draft prior to the start of each season.


Just as in the real IFL each team in the MMA Fantasy League consists of fighters from each of the following weight-classes: Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Middleweight, Welterweight, and Lightweight. Though in this version of the IFL coaches will select two fighters from each weight-class for injury reasons (explained later).

Coaches are also responsible for selecting their team’s name and rule set (PRIDE or UFC) when they apply for membership into the league.

The Draft:

The MMA Fantasy League Draft works the same as any professional draft; coaches are called to select one at a time until the all the teams are fully selected. Coaches may draft there ten fighters in any order they feel necessary.

The full draft list is found in the MMA Fantasy League Draft List Thread.

When a coach is selecting a fighter he should private message the commissioner his selection. The commissioner will then post the coaches selection on the main thread along with a number of previous and upcoming selections. The next coach on the draft list then has twelve hours to make his selection or he will be pushed back. He will still be able to draft fighters while he is being pushed back, but so will the coach(es) directly following him. If a coach’s draft pick eventually is pushed to the end of the current round the commissioner will make a selection for him.

It is suggested that everyone create a depth charge of the fighters (in the order they wish to pick them) and Private Message it to the commissioner. This will speed up the drafting process immensely and can be used by the commissioner if a coach disappears or his time runs out.

Expansion Drafts and later Entry Drafts will be discussed when/if the time comes.


Just as with the draft, trades inside the MMA Fantasy League work the same way as on professional sport. Fighters can be traded for other fighters and draft picks (only during the draft). Multi-fighter deals are also a possibility (2 for 2, 2 for 1, etc), but teams must never have more then ten fighters at one time (two in each weight-class). Teams that have more the ten fighters must release fighters into free agency (discussed later) and teams that have less then ten fighters must select fighters from free agency (from the proper weight-class).

All trades must be cleared by the commissioner via Private Message before being ratified. It is suggested that trades are arranged in the same manner and must be Private Messaged to the commissioner by both parties involved.

Free Agency:

Following the conclusion of the draft the unselected fighters will be released into free agency. Coaches may add players from free agency to their team at any time with verification from the commissioner via Private Message. Coaches must also specify which fighter (must be in the same weight-classes) is being released, unless the selection is the result of a player shortage because of a multi-fighter trade.


Teams in the MMA Fantasy League do combat in the same manner as the real IFL. Two teams are chosen to battle each other, and those teams choose five fighters (one in each weight-class) to fight in the impending event. Each event follows the same fighting pattern, Heavyweights vs. Heavyweights, Middleweights vs. Middleweight, etc. Before every fight coaches should send a private message to the commissioner containing the fighters that will be representing their team in the next event. If no Private Message is receive, the best fighters in each weight-class will be selected. There is no crossing of weight-classes.

Fights within the MMA Fantasy Draft are conducted via the commissioners No Holds Barred: MMA Simulator v 0.97. The commissioner’s post containing a fight recap and outcome is final.

I suggest everyone familiarize themselves with this program before the MMA Fantasy League begins.


If a fighter undergoes a serious injury (as determined by the NHB: MMA Simulator v 0.98.) in a match, he will be force to sit out his teams next event. After sitting out the upcoming event he may then return to action.

Joining the MMA Fantasy League:

Joining the MMA Fantasy League is a simple as posting your intent to join within the MMA Fantasy League Teams thread at the Official MMA Fantasy League Forum. Of course, along with the following information:

Team Name:
Rule Set: (Pride or UFC)
Venue: (Name and Location)

Post this and as long as there is room you may join.

The Official MMA Fantasy League Forum.
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